The equinox has navigated northward again and it is the first day of spring. Yea!  Stand an egg on its end.  Everywhere the crocus are up, daffodil leaves are readying for the blooms in the center, and the Redbud and Cherry trees are seriously considering their bloom, if not already.  

Here the hints have been occurring for two weeks now.  First, it was the wild turkeys in the yard. Followed by deer lopping across the field in broad daylight as though they knew hunting season was over. A huge flock of Robins landed in the field only to lift off and land in unison in a new spots repeatedly.  A geese couple are here squawking away.  Hope they stay, nest, and raise a family.  The goslings are a delight to watch grow.  Their first swim, their walk abouts, their head dunks. Last week’s rain started the annual greening of the grass in time for St. Patrick’s Day.  However, the true sign was last night’s return of the raccoons that love cat food so much the they try to take the pan home with them. Dummies, if they drag the pan away – it doesn’t get filled again. Of course, that event is accompanied by the dog barking for an hour.  After his chase he delights in eating any left overs.  Then indigestion follows. End of the ease of leaving food out all night.  

Ah spring. Especially welcome this year for just any positive change at all.  Change that along with the vaccine brings a specially wanted freedom.

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