This contemplative synopsis is not how I wanted to write my third posting; but then part of my desire to write is to share my personal thoughts and feelings. – – –

Well, here we are. The end of 2020. Tomorrow, this year will be 20/20 hindsight. It will not be a year of fame, not a year of good fortune for many, not a year remembered for great joy. It will be a year that will go down in infamy.

It will be a year remembered for sadness, despair, animosity, aloneness as well as loneliness. Human adaptability has struggled beside unwillingness to adapt. Tolerance has struggled beside intolerance. Time put to good use. Time lost. Never in the history of this world has so much of its population shared a commonality wrapped around an unseen, unknown enemy. Never before has religion/faith of so many become so intertwined with science on such a grand scale. This year will also be remembered for the strength of the human spirit, its inventiveness, its perseverance, its creativeness, its charity and goodwill.

Everyone will have a story and everyone will know everyone elses’ story; because it is their own. Few will outshine the other; because only the name, place, date, and detail will vary. Each story will its own. Many will fall jokingly into the category; “and what did you do during the war, daddy“.

And soon comes the moment when the human spirit wantonly buries the old year; and, greets the new one as though, with the magic of a split second, our troubles will be behind us with the midnight gong.

2021 will be a new year filled with hope, joy, and prosperity. No doubt it will be so; because humans have the ability to adapt, create, and move forward with living life.

May your new year be healthy, joyful, contented, and prosperous.

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