The equinox has navigated northward again and it is the first day of spring. Yea!  Stand an egg on its end.  Everywhere the crocus are up, daffodil leaves are readying for the blooms in the center, and the Redbud and Cherry trees are seriously considering their bloom, if not already.   Here the hints haveContinue reading

This contemplative synopsis is not how I wanted to write my third posting; but then part of my desire to write is to share my personal thoughts and feelings. – – – Well, here we are. The end of 2020. Tomorrow, this year will be 20/20 hindsight. It will not be a year of fame,Continue reading

My 80th Day

Today was my 80th birthday.  I asked Siri to sing me Happy Birthday.  She said, “I would rather leave that up to the professionals.”  There were lovely flowers; cookies too. Two Christmas poinsettias to flank our door. And a surprise family FaceTime party.  That was just what was needed.  Hearing everyone’s voice, seeing their faces.Continue reading “My 80th Day”

And so to begin…

It is a little over 5 years since I first began thinking about writing, which then was to be a little “coffee table” book entitled “Too Soon Old, LTD (long time dead) of musings and snippets about what I have learned as I have traveled along my way.   Today, it seemed to suddenly hitContinue reading “And so to begin…”

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