And so to begin…

It is a little over 5 years since I first began thinking about writing, which then was to be a little “coffee table” book entitled “Too Soon Old, LTD (long time dead) of musings and snippets about what I have learned as I have traveled along my way.  

Today, it seemed to suddenly hit me – For what was I waiting?  Time was continuing on; not waiting for me. There has never seemed to be a perfect time to publish my thoughts and writing. It is time for me to venture into new unknowns, to do the things I have always wanted to do.  Skip over the unpacked moving boxes of 7 years.  Skip over the garden weeds. Skip over the skepticism of who am I to write.  After all, if no one reads, no one benefits, no one laughs; it will be okay. I will have done one more thing that I wanted. Hopefully I will leave this world with just one little thought that makes it a better place. 

Disclaimer: Don’t expect some writing marvel. Don’t read this if you are afraid that you might  identify. Don’t try to correct me or fix me – I am flawed, I am human.  Keep your disagreements to yourself, or write for yourself. There is no particular order; after all this blog is about Anything, Everything, and Nothing at all.

 My best to all who journey; may yours be only as yours can be. 

So I leap with the ramblings, meandering thoughts of a normal everyday  person capable of making absolutely perfect sense, and, absolutely no sense at all.

Annie Moss (no stone unturned)

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